San Andreas Fault: Earthquake Preparedness

The San Andreas Fault is the largest fault in the Western hemisphere. Come see how it slices through California and separates the planet’s two largest tectonic plates. How can you find the San Andreas Fault? How often do we expect earthquakes … and when will the next one occur? How much damage is the fault capable of inflicting? Learn how to prepare for the ‘BIG ONE’ and how to dramatically increase your family’s survival skills. What about the other faults in the valley? Are all earthquakes bad or can they have positive impacts as well? Why do we build geothermal plants and wind farms directly above the fault zone? After a large quake, what dangers lurk in your home that require immediate attention?

Hear what a 7.6 magnitude earthquake sounds like!

Earthquakes are inevitable. This multimedia presentation will explain why they occur and help you create an earthquake preparedness plan.

Suggested minimum … 45 minutes