Since 1977, over 10,000 Spokespersons Trained.


Q How many participants can attend a training program?

A 1-10,000 One size doesn't fit all. We customize every program to meet each client's specific needs. One-on-one coaching is available. Small group sessions (3-10) are often used to train executive groups. Larger audiences are usually addressed at conferences. Tell us you needs we'll design a program to meet them.

Q Are training sessions open for public enrollment?

A Periodically, we offer public sessions. Most of our training programs, however, are designed and conducted to meet one company's or industry's needs.

Q Do you use video taping equipment to train?

A Yes depending on the type of training program. We have used video tape equipment in training programs for 30 years. We can provide the video gear or use the client's.

Q Can I be trained on sensitive/controversial issues?

A Yes. We offer signed confidentiality agreements to insure client comfort in receiving counseling on sensitive issues.

Q Is the training conducted at my place of business or yours?

A Both depending on your preference. We travel all over the world providing training services to a variety of businesses (see client list).

Q Do you train political candidates?

A We will train anyone with a genuine desire to improve their ability to express themselves in a myriad of settings.

Q Are your services affordable?

A Yes. In fact, most spokespersons can't afford not to receive training. It's an investment in your career that pays dividends for a lifetime.

Q Do you offer refresher courses?

A Yes. Some companies have us return quarterly to provide their executives or media spokespersons a periodic oil change and lube.

Q Can you teach me how to use Power Point?

A Yes and any other visual aid that you may need.

Q Can you help me with my wardrobe job interview interpersonal communication skills?

A Yes. Yes. Yes.

Q Can you help me write my speech?

A Yes. We can help you craft an appropriate presentation and perfect the skills required to give it.

Q Is the training just communication skills or do you address business topics/issues as well?

A Your choice. The overwhelming majority of our clients prefer "issue-oriented" training in which trainees are practicing the art of communicating challenging issues. Our faculty prides itself in its ability to combine both skills and issues in a robust, dynamic training package. Clients are always amazed at our faculty's in-depth knowledge of the business issues at hand.

Q I'm not sure how to proceed or exactly what I need. Can I call to discuss my situation and is there a cost?

A Absolutely. Feel free to call for a FREE consultation to identify your needs and develop an action plan. No charge. No obligation.

Q Can I just buy a copy of Spokesperson: A Public Appearance Primer and start growing my skills with the self-help book?

A Great idea. Thousands of others have benefited from the user-friendly, easy to follow spokesperson handbook. To order contact