ANCIENT CAHUILLA: Our Original Inhabitants

The Cahuilla [‘masters’ or ‘powerful ones’] have dwelled in the Southern California area for at least 9,000 years! Learn about their history and folklore. Discover how they tamed the hottest-driest desert in North America. Learn about their sophisticated use of desert plants for food and medicines. Learn why ancient Cahuilla didn’t harm mountain lions or grizzly bears. Listen to a Cahuilla bird song. What explanation did the ancient people have for earthquakes and weather phenomenon? See the structures they lived in called ‘kish’ and see the grinding stones called ‘metates’ that they used for meal preparation. What influence did the Spanish missions have on the Cahuilla? Learn how they hunted large game … how they played … and how they dealt with the death of loved ones.

The Ancient Cahuilla were fascinating, industrious, creative and resourceful people … much like their modern day ancestors. This program will give you a renewed appreciation and understanding of ‘Our Original Inhabitants.’

Suggested minimum … 45 minutes